Glory Stories

On 9/18/12, the Glory girls met for a morning of worship, listening prayer and intercession. During our time together, the Lord pressed it upon Anne to perform a prophetic act by taking a piece of red stripped cloth and cutting it into a child-like figure. Sharon had some anointing oil labeled “third heaven oil,” and we anointed the cloth with the oil.

After the cloth was anointed, each of us wrote the names of our children and their spouses to 1000 generations on the cloth along with words of declaration for their destinies. We also wrote words to include our spiritual seed and all unnamed children in NC.

On 9/20/12, three GG’s, Connie, Carol and Jiljane, took our cloth figure to the Head of the Year celebration at Glory of Zion Int’l in Corinth, Tx.

It was during the plane ride to the celebration that the cloth figure was named Flat Glory.

As a prophetic act throughout the entire conference, one of the women would run Flat Glory up to the stage during times of worship when gifts of the Spirit were being activated or when the anointing was particularly strong. Any time any of the speakers mentioned the next generation, they would repeat this prophetic act.

On Sunday morning, the last day of the celebratoin, several people had taken notice and were taking pictures of Flat Glory and asking for prayer for their children. The Lord began producing fruit before Flat Glory ever left GOZ!

(The name Flat Glory was taken from the concept of the Flat Stanley adventure books)

Here is Flat Glory on the plane heading to Texas

Flat Glory at Glory of Zion Int'l in Corinth, Tx

Flat Glory moving in the Glory